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when withdrawal will start?

Started by bhavin19 2020-01-31 at 07:54
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when withdrawal will start?
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"We have collected some money and reinvest, in the next few days we will start payments again for few hours. As long as there are funds in the payment processors. And then will be paused again."
I hope the owner investing smarter now, just in good and trusty programs.
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I will process payments when I collect earnings, for example, weekly. Invested money from all of you are reinvested. If you want payments need wait! You not give me a chance to make profits for you. All of you just want 200% in 1 day this is not possible!

Anyone who invests in PTCRevShare only withdraws money and wants to leave the site after they have paid the money back with profit!

People who invest in Diversity-Fund get their money back after 1 year!!!! But all people in my site get back their money in 2 months!

All of you not want to get profits forever you just want to get your money back and kill PTCRevShare! Because you all are afraid that I will stole yours money!

The truth is that from this crappy site I have not made any profit for me so far!

I have given everything to you and you are still unhappy! Some of you are already about to double your money from PTCRevShare!

I know what I'm doing just trust me, and give me more time support me! Invite friends to join us.
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Payment stopped again ? No option for processor for withdrawal ?
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